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Accelerate digital transformation


Advanced WEB sites to generate sales leads.

BE Labo is a Hong Kong website production and software development company.
We support gorwth of your business by improvement of the customer attraction and the improvement of productivity  with the latest IT technology
From web development, desktop to mobile, the BE Labo team is ready to solve your business problem with our web solutions.

IT consulting

IT consulting For exponential growth

Aligns your IT strategy with business priority to promote growth and innovation. Our innovations in consulting services can help you reduce your cost and improve your return on IT infrastructure investments. We can help you create an innovative and dynamic infrastructure designed to deliver improved business responsiveness and return on investment. We integrate best practices to help transform and optimize your IT, we can also help you design the solution architecture

Web Design

Web Design Platform for your lead generation

BeLab develops e-commerce website, corporate website and community portal website accordingly to your objective.

BeLab provides comprehensive service from strategy, UI/UX design, artwork and implementation to improve lead generation.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Mining your data assets

With our experience in Machine Learning, Our Team will help you turn your data into a successful business growth, our approach will help you understand your data and use those data to target your customers or offer a product to your customer. No more searching far away on how to make your business digital, BE Lab is here to help.


Business Engineering Labo BLOG

Sticky CTA Button for WahtsApp

Sticky CTA Button for WahtsApp

WhatsApp is Essential for Business in Hong Kong. We made a CTA (Call to action) button of WhatsApp that I can immediately inquire from a smartphone. Please try tit to increase HTML number of conversion.
Web site security measures by SSL

Web site security measures by SSL

You can use the site with peace of mind by introducing SSL encrypted communication on the home page that has mail order and customer inquiry forms.
Responsible Web Design, Why not?

Responsible Web Design, Why not?

It is Depending on the industry, but 70% to 80% of the website visitors are from smartphones. We will introduce the benefits of website management optimized for smartphones.
ICP license acquisition in China

ICP license acquisition in China

By acquiring an ICP license in advance, you can register a website on Baidu, a Chinese search engine, and expect visitors from a natural search in China.