5 Tactics for Turning Employee Feedback Into A Habit

5 Tactics for Turning Employee Feedback Into A Habit

Giving praise regularly can make a major impact on your employee’s long-term motivation. 
However, pressing deadlines and countless meetings, however, can make it hard to do so.

The trick is to turn praise into a habit. Behavioral psychologists assert that there are three steps you can take to hardwire a new habit into your daily life: create a routine; set a reminder; include a reward.

 1. Make giving feedback as easy as possible.

The key to successfully changing your behaviors is to start with a ‘tiny habit’.

2. Get people into the routine of sharing praise in real-time.

Positive feedback has a significantly higher impact when it’s given just after someone reaches a milestone or achievement. The combination of someone reaching a milestone (reminder) and their team members sending a praise is what formed the new routine at Impraise.

3. Be descriptive when giving feedback

For praise to be truly effective it should be meaningful. The great thing about recognition is that it not only motivates the recipient, it also signals the kinds of behaviors that are valued in the workplace. To make praise meaningful it should: 1) describe a specific action(s) and 2) include the impact of those actions.

4. Reward the behaviour

Feedback is rewarding in itself, it makes us feel great about our work. It also makes us want to share that great feeling. To make the ‘reward’ part even more effective, you can create for instance a Slack channel or other place where everyone’s achievements are publicly recognized – that is remote and international team members included.

5. Record your praise.

Often employees will stay late to help out a colleague or go the extra mile when their manager is not necessarily around. To make sure those moments don’t go unnoticed, Impraise made sure that all /praise is recorded so that people can go back and refer to it later or share it with their manager during their next check-in.

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