Responsible Web Design, Why not?

It is Depending on the industry, but 70% to 80% of the website visitors are from smartphones. We will introduce the benefits of website management optimized for smartphones.

Responsible Web Design, Why not?

It depends on the industry, but the percentage of website visitors is 70% to 80% from smartphones. By designing a web site centered on smartphones, the conversion rate can be improved by the convenience of users, and the display order of search results will be improved, resulting in an increase in the number of customers.

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Merits of Responsible Web Design for smart phone

1. Improvement of corporate image by improvement of user experience.

RWD (Responsible Web Design) enable to display large characters and images even on a small screen, so it is easy to browse and it will be a better hospitality for visitors. As a result, the dropout rate of visitors decreases.

2. Increase the number of visitors from search engine.

With the launch of Google's Mobile First Index, which began in March 2018, search results can be judged based on the smartphone version's website. For this reason, sites that are not optimized for smartphones are disadvantageous in the order of search results.

Smartphone compatible check tool

You can check if the website is compatible with smartphones by the following Google services.

At BE Labo, we give priority to smartphones and create easy-to-see and user-friendly websites.。